Abdulrazaq redefining governance in Kwara, says YPP chair

The Chairman of the Young Progressives Party, YPP, Charles Olufemi Folayan has asserted that the Kwara State governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has revelaed a side to governance that is unusual of the average governor.

The YPP chairman said this in a statement signed by him and made available to the public on Saturday afternoon.

He said that since the assumption of office, Governor Abdulrazaq has left many marvelling at his unpretentious nature and style of leadership. “Perhaps , it is yet too early to tell how he will fare in the light of the level of surreal flamboyance and ostentatious luxury that was reminiscent of his two predecessors; the blaring sirens, the array of exotic cars and the fedual style leadership that Kwarans have come to identify governance with in the past 16 years. Abdulrazaq has so far shown uncommon restraint and austerity in his leadership approach. He has revelaed a side to governance that is unusual of the average governor. More than a chief with servants , he has demured to serve in the place of a chief of servants,” he said.

“Governor Abdulrazaq has remained true to his nature, humble in his comportment and unassuming as any ordinary Nigerian. He has opted to defer to religious and traditional leaders, giving them the leeway to stay in the fore in their respective spheres of authority. So far, his style of governance has called to question the very nature of power and how it was that Saraki had taken on such an imposing stature while in power as Kwara’s political Tzar.

“To the discerning, it is clear that the Governor is acutely aware of the onerous task that lies ahead of him and has chosen to abandon the oft Imperial status of the average Nigerian Governor and rather chosen to Don on the garb of a servant, who is intent on turning around the fortunes of a state whose people have been perennially stripped of its dignity and deprived of the dividends of good governance.

“For many, it is a struggle to readjust to the reality that is now the style of governance in Abduldazaq’s Kwara. For a people who have known no other way but the “Sarakian” way of impunity and lawlessness for nearly 2 decades, adaptation appears to be a huge and uneasy thing. To the Kwarans who have known nothing but measly appeasements and temporary mincemeat, Governor Abdurazaq is a discomfiting change. Some have opined that nothing is happening in the Government at the moment, the streets are eerily quiet and perhaps, the governor is operating a sole administrative system. They point out that the governor has yet to make certain necessary appointments to his cabinet. For some who fed fat on the ridiculous system in the past, the governor’s decision to monitor government spendings has come as a rude shock, however, Abdulrasak visits to various dilapidated institutions and his immediate action and approval for repairs where necessary is speaking for him,” he added.

Folayan believes that Governor Abdulrazaq is setting the tone for those who would eventually make up his team to realize the enormity of challenges that is in wait for them. He said “He is making it clear to those who have the foresight to see that his government will be one that lives up to its “Iseya” slogan. “Iseya” means “it’s time to work” and it is only fitting that the governor lives up to this maxim and as against the practice of indulging in endless ceremonial displays and unwarranted public fanfare, the focus must be on delivering to the good people of Kwara State, the long-yearned for dividend of good governance. Every right-thinking person must begin to think of how they can contribute their part to ensure that the Abdulrazaq administration works in the overall best Interest of all kwarans.

“Kwarans must immediately expunge the peasant mentality of accepting temporary appeasement and the practice of recieving Amala and Rice now and then in place of the more substantial rewards of effecient and responsible leadership. They must realise that such practices undermines the goodwill that the people should ordinarily enjoy and it only empowers lazy and inept governance. Now, more than ever, they should begin to demand for government to be increasingly focused to creating the enabling environment and opportunities that can inspire growth and prosperity, this way, they can lead more meaningful and comfortable lives, provide for their families and improve their standard of living without depending on Government for sustenance.

The chairman submitted that Governor Abdulraman Abdurazaq must remain very mindful of the sensitivities of then people and must always take into account the fact that change in many regard is a difficult thing for most people.

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