Award Winning Ilorin Born Poet Marks his 30th Birthday with a Poem titled “Ilorin”

Award Winning Ilorin Born Poet Al-Amin Mohammed El-Nasir popularly known as Nasthepoet, marks his 30th Birthday with a Poem titled “Ilorin”.

The Poet noted that this age is a significant milestone in his life, most especially as a living being and more importantly, as a Poet.

He further noted that adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.

In his words “hurdles have been crossed and it is my hope to see more light at the end of each tunnel”

Al-Amin appreciated all well wishers, who have deemed him fit of their appreciable actions and words, to them he is most humbled.

Giving reasons why he has released this poem, he mentioned that “I have decided to release this audio poem titled, “Ilorin” to mark my 30th birthday and 15th year of artistic composition of Poetry genre.

This poem he states that it “has a lot to do with my root, my genesis and certainly, a reflection of my very sturdy hometown, which is somewhat paraded to be uprooted by her very own offsprings in most recent time.”

Furthermore this poem is a paradoxically socio-historical poem of this great city, musically accompanied with two layers of renditions, taking listeners through this good nightmarish socio-historical journey.

It portrays the juxtaposing effects of actions and inactions of the Sons and Daughters of this great city, It succinctly points out the wrecking beauty of this God gifted city in particular and the entire African nation in general.

The poem has an open ended plot, with suspense intended and the poet hopes that, with all the flaws this beautiful city, Ilorin, might have begotten, we as individuals must revisit our lost pedigree and reform the lost heritage to revamp the real essence of true humanity”

He concluded by appreciating everyone for listening, and hopes that tomorrow holds a more beautiful and prosperous vision for the generations to come.

The poem can be streamed and downloaded on Audiomack

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  1. Congratulations brother. Cheers to thy new age. I see poetry in thy blood and sense a growth of poetic giant strides… I pray you well and wish you well in thy poetic venture…

  2. The poems speaks volume and déjà vu of rustic and countryside Illorin. The imagery are in place to reminiscences as well the potency of its flora and fauna…

    Happy birthday brother
    Cheers an bliss I pray on thy new age…

  3. I send you greetings from Talesfromtheotherland Blog…
    We forget not thy contributions last year to our E-nook publication. God blessed you.

  4. The beginning captures the beauty and historical positive attributes of Ilorin. However, the poet did not fail to satirize the city. The poem captures both the past and the present socio, economic and political degradation of the city. The poets ends with a tone of aspiration for a re-born city. Truly, No work of art exist in a vacuum

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