BOOK REVIEW: Never Too Late

Title: Never Too Late
Author: Tony Oyeyiola
Reviewer: Adetola A. Kehinde

Never too late talks on how some moments in life can be best handled for personal gains by using some life-defining moments like increase in age, the actualisation of educational goal, making a career switch, life decision etc. The book emphasized the disparity between time, chance, and opportunities amongst people. The book also creates consciousness amongst people of different ages on the need not to base their goal attainment on another person’s successes. The author conceptualises age by defining it to be a thing of the mind. Although explanations were used to classify age as a number and not as. The author, using his personal experience and that of others dwelled largely on advising the youth to think positively, show optimism by not being deterred in making impacts within their circle of influence even at a young age.

Another aspect the youth usually feel too late is the attainment of certain educational qualifications. While stressing the importance of education and encouraging its early acquisition, the author made it clear that not everyone would have the opportunity of acquiring it early. As a form of advice to those who might not have it early just like the author of this book, the author reiterated that acquiring education has no age limit, the author cited personalities who got educated at an age when people majorly think it is not possible. Referring to those notable personalities make the reading more interesting.

In an attempt to situate the importance of making a career switch, the author identified the interrelatedness between career and life satisfaction due to its centrality to human life, so the author advised on being careful when making a career decision. Three types of career switch were mentioned- organizational change, industry change (role retention) and industry change (starting a new role). These kinds of switch according to the author doesn’t necessarily translate to an increase in pay, but some might engage in them for fulfilment or to satisfy some desired goals. As stated by the author, the basic elements of career choice are education and skills to the above and that a person should acquire the necessary education and skills needed to meet the requirements of a target role. Making a career switch is not new to human society, so I found it interesting when I read stories from different personalities who had made either organizational career switch, industry change with retention of their previous role or industry change without retaining their role, i.e. starting a new role as narrated in the book. The author didn’t change changing a career is easily (this is noticeable from the people’s experiences narrated in this book), he indeed stated that the possibility of being confronted with different kinds of challenges when making a career switch. The advice given by the author on career switch is what anyone desirous of a career switch should take.

A quick turn was made to discuss issues of real-life and how it is pertinent to avoid the wrong turns. Failure could be devastating but the author asserted that there is nothing wrong with failing. The author cited quotes from great personalities on their perception of life and failure. However, the author stated the importance of achieving success in life but the reality of life is that life journey differs from one individual to another. While many people achieved their dreams early in life, some achieved theirs late in their life. According to the author, the statement underscores some realities of life. Leonardo da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Colonel Sanders, President Joe Biden, President Muhammadu Buhari. However, the author failed to identify those who had their dreams and aspirations fulfilled early in life. While making an attempt to present the realities of life, the author did well by not only providing one side of a coin, he presented both sides when he listed and explained some circumstances that could make people give up or make people pursue their purpose.

The conclusive chapter drawn by the author explains the reality of life and the approaches that can be used to address it. The author mostly dwelled on advising the youths on the need to know that it can never be too late to achieve their life aspirations and dreams. Likewise, the author emphatically made it known to people that they should not let the time it will take them to accomplish a goal affect you going for it.

The author starts each chapter with relatable quotes from great personalities. Also, the author provided relatable experiences from individuals to support some of his assertions. By and large, the book has its strength which I believe represents the highlight of the book. This book promises to be a great read for people of different age categories.

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