Bukola Saraki Homecoming, Are Kwarans Tired of the O TO GE Administration? – Ibraheem Salman

On Saturday morning, the premises of the Ilorin International Airport were filled to the brim with well-wishers from nooks and crannies of the State Capital, waiting with bated breath for the arrival of the former Senate President, Bukola Saraki. They were jumping for joy upon Saraki’s arrival, chanting “Sai Bukky” in unison. Expectedly, the former Kwara State Governor was over the moon with the warm reception he received. To think the euphoria would end at the airport was a miss of the mark, as all roads from the Airport down to Emir’s palace were full of people cheering from both sidewalks

Kwarans who are not unaware of series of the uprising and names the former Senate President was called during the last Governorship Election would have their hearts in their mouths when they saw how the crowd were delighted to see him again. Happiness could be seen in their gesticulations, as ‘Sai Bukky’ became a singsong on the lips of the onlookers.

However, the reason for this development is not conflicting; it was rumoured that the actions of these happy Kwarans towards Bukola Saraki, despite their hostility towards him during the 2019 election, were based on the yet to be fulfilled promises of the present administration in the state.

Also, the argument may also be that the Abdulrazaq-led administration has not kept to what the _O to ge!_  government promised the people of the state despite the fact that there have been signs of commitment on the part of the state government to make sure they do not breach any of their promises. As a show of testimony, the people of Ilesha Baruba presented the governor with a horse as a show of gratitude for his administration’s willingness to positive development without a discrimination against the severely abandoned northern part of the state.

It is expected of the Kwara state government to take a cue from this and accelerate in its plans for the people of the state.

Meanwhile, there is also a need for the government  to keep the public abreast of its activities on a regular basis as not much is known about the government’s project in the state in some quarters.

Ibraheem Salman writes from Ilorin.

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