Bunch of inconsequential political elements with unfounded claims, Kwara APC replies YPP

The youth wing the All Progressive Party APC, in Kwara State, All Progressive Youth Forum (APYF) has described to the assertions of the Young Progressive Party taunting the performance of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq as unfounded stories.

The party, in a statement unanimously signed by its youth wing, said it would have ignored these set of inconsequential political elements, but the need to correct the misrepresentation of facts and to avoid misleading unsuspecting Kwarans on the unprecedented achievements so far recorded during AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq’s and All Progressive Congress (APC) administration has prompted them to respond.

The statement read: “The Kwara political space particularly via the social media has recently been inundated with some unfounded stories emanating from a gang of political merchants in the guise of youths under the banner of a mushroom political party called YPP.

“It is clear to the blind and very audible even to the deaf that the performance of AA administration in terms of delivery of good governance can never be matched by any administration we ever had in Kwara State.

“A government that is barely two years have successfully rehabilitated and constructed countless roads across the the I6 local governments of the state with many still ongoing and many more to come.

“This is coupled with massive investment in the area of education through rehabilitation of primary and secondary schools across the state. Additionally, the administration has successfully paid long abandoned counterpart funds to donor organizations that led to the release of over 7billion naira that will soon be invested in the educational sector.

“Moreover, the humility of AA and his concern for the poor has also led to the establishment of the Kwara State Social Investment Programme (KWASSIP) where data of about 10,000 indigent Kwarans have been captured and are benefitting from the Owo Arugbo and Owo Isowo unlike the capturing that was done by the promoters of the YPP which was never fulfilled till date.

“More so, the quick and kind response of the state government towards the victims of EndSARS protests is also a gesture that deserves every commendation as no state governor in the country has shown such commitment and speedy response like AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq in providing financial aid to those whose businesses were affected during the EndSARS protests.

“In the era when youths who found themselves in politics and leadership positions are expected to promote their activities and present their arguments with scientific approach, the so-called lone ranger, pathological liar and arrogant Abuja errand boy that cannot successfully gather 50 youths have rather resort to attacking personalities of the AA administration in an uncharacteristic manner.”

According to the Kwara APYF, the party would have expected YPP being a new party in the state and her promoters to tell the people what the party can offer and how it is a better political platform for the youths.

It added: “However the promoters chose to appoint a serial liar who has never been appointed by either the President or the Vice President but claimed to be a Presidential aid be uncouth and uncivil in their approach, this has only expose the kind of leaders they are and unenviable antecedents they may have recorded for themselves.

“One can simply assumed that they are categories of political merchant youths whose characters and personal principles are always available for auction to the highest bidders in the political arena with the appointment of the kind of chairman whom we have known for quite some time as a political merchant.

“We will never forget the build up to the 2015 general election when their said chairman sold a structure which some progressive youths have laboured hard to put together to Mike Omotoso and ran back to Abuja.

“Finally, it is important to stress that even the main opposition PDP have been relegated to background and had gone to oblivion in the state, YPP and its promoters in the state should therefore know their onions or else they have lose the battle they have not yet started.”

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