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Come forward for voluntary testing, WHO clamours as Kwara Health Ministry gives update on Covid-19

Nigerians have been called upon by the World Health Organization (WHO) to voluntarily go for Covid-19 test so as to know their status, in order to curb the spread of the disease.

The representative of the WHO, Pharmacist Fatimah Bola Mustapha, made this call during the 2021 week 4 Covid-19 Update held by the Kwara State Ministry of Health at Press Centre, in Ilorin.

She observed that the deadly virus has caused untold hardships, unhappiness and deaths among the human race since its advent in 2019.

Pharmacist Mustapha urged that stigmatization of Covid-19 survivors should be discouraged. “Covid-19 is not a death sentence, as long as victims are promptly detected and treated, victims are curable. The numerous survivors are testimonies,” she said.

“Covid-19 is one of the singular diseases that prove to the world that the world is a global village. Judging from the rapidness at which it traveled around the world, it becomes a war that is ravaging against all humans.

“It was discovered in China in December 2019, and by April 2020, Nigeria confirmed her first case. So it is a particular crisis that spread even more than Wi-Fi. I want to believe it is the minutest of all viruses that God created, yet it is telling to our face that we should know our limits,” she added.

She, therefore, encouraged all and sundry to comply with Covid-19 preventive measures, and ensure that they voluntarily submit themselves for testing.

In the same vein, the Kwara State Ministry of Health’s Epidemiologist, Dr. Kamaldeen Khadeejat, called on Kwarans to make sure they know their Covid-19 status at least once in every month.

While giving the week 4 update, Dr. Kamaldeen said: “We have seen people who were infected last month and the same person got infected the following month. Some people get infected once and they have developed immunity.

“At least, know your status ones in a month because the incubation period is two weeks. The fact that one exceed an infection period within two weeks does not mean that one cannot get infected again.”

According to her, a total number of 522 cases have been confirmed this year which summed it up to 2,096 confirmed cases since its outbreak the state.

“The state currently has 338 active cases with 605 pending results. 14,818 have been tested negative out of 17,581 samples that were submitted to the laboratory. 1663 patients have been discharged while 55 deaths were recorded.

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