Don’t use Public Office for Revenge, Kwara Attorney General Cautions Politicians

Kwara State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr Salman Jawondo has advised people appointed to public office not to use such office to seek for revenge of misdemeanour committed against them when they have not been in government.

Jawondo said this while speaking in Ilorin at a book launch ‘The Sacked Magistrate’ written by Chief Lamidi Tolani, Ojeun Ogun Fodian of Offa and a former Commissioner of Finance in Kwara State whose daughter, Ms Zainab Tolani was sacked from the state Judiciary after 47 days of appointment as a Magistrate grade 2.

The Attorney General who was a counsel in the case which lasted for 14 years (2005-2019) from the state High Court to the Supreme Court said that the case was a travail of Justice by the power that be in the state adding that “those who held Political power then misused it by sacking Zainab from the state Judiciary without committing any offence that was known to law.

He said, “The termination of appointment of Ms Zainab Tolani as a Magistrate grade 2 in the state Judiciary is a misuse of power and miscarriage of justice as contained in the judgments of the Court of Appeal and upheld by the Supreme Court which is the highest court in Nigeria in its judgment delivered on February, 1,2019.

“People holding public office should be neutral and objective while holding the office because posterity will judge them after leaving the office.”

Jawondo continued, “One has to be careful in life, don’t use Public Office to revenge or victimize the people when you are appointed to hold that office because your being there is temporary.”

The author of the book, Chief Lamidi Tolani in his speech said that he wrote the book to expose the injustice which his daughter, Zainab was subjected to with her termination of appointment as a Magistrate grade 2 by the Kwara state Judicial Service Commission as a result of an allegation written against her by a faceless writer which was not investigated by the authority but was later cleared by the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court in their respective judgment.

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