Exclusive: How Fraudulent International Academic Syndicate led by Busari Akande defrauded IEDPU President

On the 5th of March, 2021, the National President of the Ilorin Emirate Descendants Progressive Union and a Retired Director with the Department of State Security, Alhaji Aliyu Otta Uthman was awarded a fellowship by the Chartered Institute for Management and Leadership, USA with their representative, Busari Shaamsudeen Akande (Director of West Africa Operations) in Attendance who also conferred the fellowship on the revered community leader.

The Chartered Institute for Management and Leadership according to their website, is based in 113 Glenn Place Lexington, Kentucky 40505 with Dr. Ravishankar N.S. as President and Dr. Israel Henry as Registrar/Secretary to the Council. According to the website, the overview of the institute reads thus but not limited to ” The Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership is an American professional body that seeks to develop managerial skills in employers and employees alike as we commit ourselves to helping managers achieve qualifications that would meet managerial standard all over the world….” with a certain James Smug adorning the page where he testified to being a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Management and Leadership.

An assessment of the website by Harmony Times and a group of AntiCorruption Network in Ilorin raised many red flags that got Harmony Times working.

A quick fact check of the address identified on the website showed that the address is that of a downtown residential area in Kentucky, United States which doesn’t belong to CIML. A quick click on this link

A further assessment of the name, James Smug identified it as a non-existent name with the attached picture gotten from Getty pictures.

The above discoveries led the team into assessing the statuses and Credibility of the Management of the Institute that eventually revealed that the institute, likewise other identified institutions where they have interest are part of an International Academic Syndicate where unsuspecting members of the public are swindled for fake academic certificates.

Dr. Ravishankar N.S. that was identified as the President of the institute is a mere contraption of nomenclature and he is said to have affiliations with the Axis Bank, India as their Vice President and the Ballbridge University. A quick check at Axis Bank indicated that the Bank has nothing to do with Dr. Ravishankar and a search for BallBridge University linked them to, an umbrella body for other Universities of questionable status. Also, Ballbridge University identified as one of the Universities in the British Virgin Island which is not true.

Findings by the team also revealed that the supposed Vice President, Dr Terence McIvor is a non-existent personality with the team able to trace the name to an established site that had been flagged down for fraudulent activities by the UK Police Intellectual Crime Unit.

Other Verification of the members of the Council and Management were all non- existent but rather contraption of names that revolve around an established international academic fraudulent syndicate network with the exception of Busari Shaamsudeen Akande who is serving as the Director, West African Operation on the board. Why so much interest in West Africa and why only a Director for West Africa? Why don’t they have a Director each for other Regions in Africa?! Curious?

In a bio of Busari Akande obtained by Harmony Times, He described himself thus, “Asiwaju Busari is a Nigerian born international Academic. A professor of Business Finance at age of 38. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the First Islamic Institute of Accounting and Finance in Nigeria and also the West African Director of Operations of the Chartred Institute of Management and Leadership Kentucky USA.

Educated at St Anne’s Primary School Kaduna, Federal Government College Kaduna, Kaduna Polytechnic, Trinity College Seychelles, American University College London, Manchester Business School, Bolton University Turks, Island, American Trinity University California USA and IIC University of Technology Cambodia.

He is an Australian trained Management Accountant cum Certified Public Accountant. He ventured into Politics and contested the C=Kwara Central Senatorial Elections in 2019 which he lost to Dr Yahaya Oloriegbe of the APC.

He established the College of Islamic Finance and Management Sciences Adewole Ilorin in 2015 to help develop teeming youths in Kwara. State.

He is a professional member of the institute of Certified Public Accountants UK and Nigeria, Institute of Certified Management Accountant Australia, Institute of Forensic Accountants Pakistan, Institute of Professional Financial Managers London, Chartered Institute of Administration Nigeria, Institute of Certified Public Accountants Nigeria and London, Institute of Chartered Economist of Nigeria, Chartered Association of Business Administrators Canada and host of others.

As a Chartered Accountant and a Professor of Business Finance, Asiwaju Busari Akande dwell mostly on trainings of human capital structure and how Islamic Finance could strive positively in the midst of competitors.

While Harmony Times can not independently certify and scrutinize all the claims in his bio, Harmony Times can reliably assert that his connection with Trinity University is False as the supposed University is part of the Educational Institutions maintained by this network to deceive unsuspecting members of the public. A further look at will confirm the Institution as a contraption and phony institute with the sole aim of awarding academic qualifications at outrageous fees.

Further to the Investigation by Harmony Times and the concerned AntiCorruption Network, Busari Akande doesn’t possess a PhD and not a University Professor as he claims in his several interaction with unsuspecting members of the public.

Surprisingly, he had contested for the Kwara Central Senatorial seat under ANRP that he eventually lost.

It is not immediately clear who sponsored the Investiture ceremony that took place the National Secretariat of the Ilorin Emirate Descendants Progressive Union but sources in know informed a correspondent of Harmony Times that the President of the Union, Mr. Otta Uthman funded a significant part of the program

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