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FG confirms Outbreak of Disease in Kwara, trains Epidemiologists

The Federal Government has confirmed the outbreak of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease in Kwara state, a viral hemorrhagic disease of calicivirus family that is highly infectious and lethal that affect rabbits.

The outbreak which is the first in the country was also reported in Oyo state according to the Chief Veterinary Officer of Nigeria, Dr. Olaniran Alabi.

In a bid to control the viral disease, the Federal Government organized a one week training for state and federal epidemiologists in Plateau state. The CVON who was represented by Dr. Peter Umana said that the outbreak was being tackled through the Regional Disease Surveillance System Enhancement Project (REDISSE).

While reiterating the endemic nature of the disease in neighbouring countries, he noted that “the first case of the disease was confirmed in Oyo and Kwara states on the 12th of October, 2020.

“Since then, the number of the outbreaks had increased sporadically in the two states and on the 11th of November, barely a month after, we received news that the disease has been confirmed in Ogun State,” he stated further.

According to the CVON, containing the spread of the disease had become necessary, as rabbit farming is currently an evolving business in the country with very high premium placed on meat, faeces, urine and furs of rabbits.

“We must therefore do our best to prevent this scourge from discouraging citizens, whose livelihoods depend on it and other stakeholders.”

He also emphasized on the need for prompt actions to be taken considering the porous borders in the country and other factors that aid the spread of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease.

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