Fuel Scarcity bites hard in Ilorin, Transporters hike fares by 100%

Fuel scarcity has resumed in Ilorin, the capital city of Kwara State following hoarding of Petrol Motor Spirit by fuel stations and marketers within the Ilorin Metropolis on Thursday.

Harmony Times gathered that the move by the fuel stations was not unconnected to the suscpicion of an increase in the landing cost of Petrol Motor Spirit by the marketers. While some of the fuel stations were under lock and key, a number of the fuel station that were operating had long queues.

The scarcity which started around 8am on Thursday, left many residents of Ilorin in the dark as they could not fathom the reason why most fuel stations were under lock and key.

A resident who spoke with Harmony Times noted that, “I do not know the reason for the long queue, there is no announcement about a potential increase in the price of fuel. It is actually worrisome, we can’t continue like this in Nigeria.

A businesswoman who spoke with Harmony Times along Murtala Mohammed Road was concerned about the implication of a rise in the price of Petrol Motor Spirit, “It is quite Unfortunate we are doing this to ourselves in this country, a lot of things have peaked in terms of prices, a further increase in the price of Petrol could spell room for the common man.”

Meanwhile, Transporters within Ilorin Metropolis have hiked the transport fares for commuters in Ilorin as soon as the scarcity of Petrol Motor Spirit set in. Tricycle operators, popularly known as Keke Marwa began taking drops for N100 instead of the regular N50 or N70 depending on distance.

Harmony Times gathered that Commuters paid as much as N100 for distance between Offa garage and Tipper garage axis in Tanke with an added N50 for those going beyond Tipper garage. Similarly, it was gathered that drops around Post office, Unity, Taiwo, Sango and Oke-Ose peaked between N100 to N200.

When asked about the over 100% hike in fares, some of the operators of Keke Marwan cited the scarcity of the Petrol Motor Spirit and that they buy at exorbitant price from Black market as much as N250 per liter. They noted that while some of their members might still be operating with the old price, there will be a uniform price for Transport fare within Ilorin as from Friday morning.

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