Hijab: Concerns raised by various faith will be addressed, Gov Abdulrazaq assures Kwarans

The Kwara State governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has promised Kwarans that genuine steps will be taken to address the concerns raised by various faith communities and enjoined religious leaders in the state to sermonize peace.

The governor who made this statement on Tuesday evening via a telecast across radio stations in the state stated that a huge dose of understanding, selflessness, and patriotism will be required in achieving peaceful coexistence in Kwara.

“I assure all Kwarans that we will take genuine steps to address the concerns raised by various faith communities. In doing so, a huge dose of understanding, selflessness, and patriotism will be required. Going forward, we will need leaders from both sides to spread message of love, accommodation, patience, peace, and mutual respect,” he said.

“Notwithstanding their varied positions, I am proud of the level of restraints and statesmanship shown by our religious leaders. I commend them and reassure them that we will always be fair, courageous in taking decisions for sustainable peace, and be willing to listen to their concerns.

“The starting point will be the reconstitution in the coming days of the interfaith committee to further build confidence as well as provide templates to steadily resolve all issues of mutual concerns.”
Meanwhile, Abdulrazaq commended the security agencies for their professionalism and their sticking to strategic patience jointly agreed upon.

“This has helped to prevent loss of lives and properties, while keeping crisis merchants in check. I urge parents to speak to their wards to stay away from trouble. Any attempt to take advantage of the situation to foment trouble will be met with maximum punishment prescribed by the law,” he added.
“Finally, my profound appeal goes to all our leaders to prioritise communal peace and human brotherhood. We need to join hands to build a generation of future leaders who acknowledge and respect one another’s differences. This is necessary to build a community of patriots and partners for a greater Kwara.”

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