Kwara APC stakeholders clear air on caretaker committee, Supreme Court ruling on Bolarinwa

Some elders and party stakeholders of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Kwara State have made some clarifications on the caretaker committee and Supreme Court judgment.

This clarifications were made in a stakeholders meeting held in Ilorin on Monday.

The stakeholders, via a summary statement of the press briefing which was unanimously signed by the party stakeholders, saidclosed that they were unaware of the impressions being created by some party chieftains that the Supreme Court pronounced Hon. Bashir Omolaja Bolarimwa as elected chairman with a tenure of four years.

“We are not unaware of some erroneous impressions being created by some Party chieftains that the Supreme Court pronounced Hon. BOB as elected chairman with a tenure of four years. This is not true.

“The case was never decided on its merit by the Supreme Court. Rather the appeal to the Supreme Court by Balogun Fulani was dismissed because it was not properly entered before the court as required by the rules of the Supreme Court.

“Furthermore, the substance of the case had nothing to do with election of Hon. BOB as party chairman. Rather, it was about the validity or otherwise of the dissolution of the Balogun Fulani-led executive by the APC National Working Committee and the appointment of a caretaker committee led by Hon. BOB.”

They however reinstated their support for the state governor —For as long as the interest of the state is not subordinated to his personal interest.

Meanwhile, they could not hide their surprise to how some party bigwigs who also fought for the party before the 2019 general election derailed from their support immediately after the inauguration of Governor Abdulrazaq.

“Unknown to many unsuspecting members of the public, the emergence of various groups that have declared support for the Governor was not without a justifiable background. It is to show that this performing Governor is not without patriots who felt that the only essence of Otoge was the service of the people. Other interests are secondary.

“For as long as the Governor does this, he has the full backing of the majority of party members, elders and the entire populace of Kwara State. Quite sadly, shortly after the inauguration of the Governor, some chieftains within the party started a campaign codenamed ‘jeunkosanwo’.

“This implied that the Governor was never going to have a second term, irrespective of his Sterling performance. They were ready to frustrate and distract the government just to realise their own selfish ambitions.

“Despite working against the Governor from day one of his administration, many of them felt it was their birthright to become the godfathers to the same Governor and handpick anyone for him,” the statement read.

Not left unsaid was the case of Akogun Oyedepo who was said to have lobbied to be made the Attorney General and the state Commissioner for Justice.

The statement read further: “In the case of Akogun Oyedepo, he lobbied to be made the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in order to use same as a platform to clinch the prestigious rank of the Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN).

“While this is not a crime, we feel anyone who wishes to be so honoured ought to show support for the Governor as a party person. Hon. BOB and other party chieftains never disguised their dislike for the Governor and his administration for reasons totally unconnected to development of the state.

“Contrary to decency and party rules, they go on radio to openly condemn the government of their own party. Had the Governor not endeared himself to the masses with his humility, simplicity and people-focus performance as can be seen in every part of the state, the insurrection by these persons were enough to bring down any government.

“Yet their anger was basically that the Governor was not giving them attention, which is not true. Several party chieftains and patriots in their own right therefore felt a need to stand with the Governor who is clearly being unfairly treated by those who ought to push aside personal gains and stand by him to rebuild the state for us and generations to come.

“This is why we have also come together to stand for the Governor! The people of Kwara State are totally in support of the Governor and his administration because he has made them the focus of governance.”

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