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Kwara Ranks 37th in Open Defecation prevalence- Report

A national survey has identified Kwara as the state with the highest prevalence of Open Defecation in Nigeria according to a 2019 assessment that was released few days ago.

The survey which was carried out by the National Bureau of Statistics in conjunction with UNICEF, World Bank and African Development Bank assessed the WASH-NORM(Water Sanitation and Hygiene-National Outcome Routine Mapping) in the 36 states of the federation and the FCT.

While Kwara state performed averagely in indices like the access to basic drinking water, the state had a very low per capital share of water in Nigeria.

According to statistics, the state has a very poor indice of 14 which is far below the National outlook that was placed at 44 when access to basic sanitation services was assessed and an indice of 64% against the national performance of 23% to place the state on the least of the rung when open defecation was assessed ahead of other North central states like Plateau and Kogi.

According to the premier report in 2019 for the assessment done in 2018, kwara slipped further in the 2020 statistical analysis while there was a reasonable improvement on the national front.

The WHO has described open defecation as the disposal of human faeces in open spaces, field, bush, water bodies and beaches. While, Basic Sanitation Services are improved facilities which are not shared with other households.

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