Kwara State Approves N600 Million New City Master Plan Contract for the capital

Kwara State Government has approved a contract for the designing and implementation of a new city master plan for Ilorin, the state capital.

The contract awarded to Dar-Al-Handasah Consultants Ltd at the cost of N600 million for a duration of 15 months was done at a semi-virtual cabinet meeting held on Thursday evening.

In a statement released by Harriet Afolabi-Oshatimehin, the Honourable Commissioner for Communications, it was revealed that the new master plan is coming after the first and the last one was designed by former military regime of the late Brigadier-General David Bamigboye decades ago.

She revealed that “The council awarded the contract after thoroughly debating a presentation by Commissioner for Works and Transport Rotimi Suleiman Iliasu who explained that the Ministry adopted selective tendering for the job owing to its technical nature and recommended the firm on account of its track record as the number one planning and designing firm in Africa and the sixth in the United States in 2019.

“A total of four prominent firms were originally invited for restricted tendering process in November 2019: Fola Consultant which bid for N175,268,977.68; Bluenile Associates which quoted N1,784,459,257.00; Dar-Al-Handasah Consultants Ltd which offered to do the job at N600,000,000.00; and Akom Construction and Engineering Synergy Ltd which bid for N899,850,000.00”.

Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq promised that other major cities in the state would also have master plans developed for them and that the plan became necessary to allow for proper development, prepare for the future, and halt unplanned growth that is creating urban slums and other avoidable crisis of development in the city.

“The committee for Offa/Oyun master plan is already in place and it’s working; the one for Patigi will start soon. Same for Lafiagi, Omu Aran, and others. This is not just the end; all our cities will get urban master plans so we can organise the way we live. We can plan our infrastructure. There are parts of Ilorin today that we cannot get infrastructure to because people have built haphazardly,” he said.

“We need to plan how we live not just now but also how we live in the future. In fifty years time, for example, would we still be using this same Ilorin Airport or there will be another airport designated somewhere? Because the Ilorin airport will be right in the heart of the city of Ilorin in about 50 years time. That’s why we need planned neighbourhood, planned environment, and our various institutions.”

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