Kwara to commit 14 Billion Naira to Education sector.

The Kwara State Government on Friday said it will be committing 14 Billion naira to the Universal Basic Education programme in the state.

The State government in a Press Statement by the Honorable Commissioner for Communication, Harriet Afolabi-Oshatimehin, said that the government would be paying a counterpart fund of 7.1 billion Naira in other to access the 7 Billion Naira UBE Bank facility.

”The money would serve as 50% matching grants for the UBEC counterpart funds and is to be spent to bridge the yawning gap in its basic education sector, including strengthening infrastructure, training and equipping teachers with modern teaching skills, providing instruction materials, and purchasing vehicles to aid performance of monitoring and quality assurance activities across the state”

The State Government’s access to the fund is coming after Kwara State was blacklisted in 2013 as a result of the Government’s failure to make available the counterpart fund and the misapplication of previously secured funds.

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