Lawal remains the best Kwara governor of the 4th rep, Oyedepo extols ex-gov’s virtue

Former Chairman, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kwara, and presently APC stalwart, Akogun Oyedepo, has declared that the former Kwara Starte governor, Alhaji Mohammed Alabi Lawal, is still the best of the four governors the state has produced in the fourth republic.

Oyedepo made this assertion on Monday on his Facebook page while commemorating the fourteenth year of the former governor’s departure.

He wrote: “You may want to call him Rear Admiral or Alhaji. The bottom line is that Mohammed Alabi Lawal is still the best of the FOUR civilian Governors of the 4th Republic Kwara (1999-2021),

“And here is the evidence: 193 health centres in Kwara, 193 film centres in Kwara, five boreholes per ward, renovation of the palaces of of all the first class Chiefs in Kwara State. The thinking behind this concept was fairness, equity and justice in the affairs of heterogeneous Kwara. We need not mind that his successor abandoned the great vision.”

He however added that if the former governor had not been rigged out of power in 2003, Kwara would have been more united and therefore, a true state of harmony.

“He fought a good fight which we completed in 2019. I was with this man of vision till the very end and never did I look back until the prize was won. As Mohammed Lawal rests in the bosom of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) in Aljanar Firdouz, let him be consoled by the trophy in our hands which we shall not surrender despite the present setback,

“We know that there is the need for the redefinition of purpose in the affairs of Kwara State. People of this state shall work for that.”

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