Restructuring Nigeria is clarion call for all— El-Rufai

The controversy on the restructuring of Nigeria has been lingering in the country’s political domain for a long time, provoking dissimilar viewpoints from different political elites and equally heavyweight citizens.

However, the Kaduna State governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, has asserted that restructuring of Nigeria is a national endeavour and can only be realized through collective effort.

Further to his continuing advocacy for the implementation of restructuring as a nation-building opportunity, El-Rufai thus called for a collective national endeavour to secure the necessary constitutional amendments.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Kaduna state governor stated described restructuring as a pragmatic imperative for more efficient governance structure in Nigeria. He said, “Restructuring is a pragmatic imperative for a more efficient governance structure in our country.

“It will enable a departure from excessive centralisation, rebalance the federation and locate powers and responsibilities in the tier of government best able to effectively discharge them.

“There is a unique opportunity for all Nigerians who believe in the merits of restructuring to work together to realise it. As a fundamental redesign of the anchors of the Nigerian state, restructuring can be achieved only by constitutional means and processes.

“This means that the National Assembly is the primary platform for attaining it, followed by the necessary concurrence by two-thirds of the state Houses of Assembly in the country, and presidential assent.”

Not left unsaid by the Kaduna state governor were some regional forces antagonizing the idea of restructuring Nigeria owning to the fear of losing their political viability.

“Pragmatism advises cooperation in attaining this collective endeavour. However, recent comments from some regional groupings make it difficult to escape the suspicion that certain persons regard the realisation of restructuring as a moment of peril.

“They appear to fear that the possibility of restructuring being actualised may erode their political viability or remove a platform for grandstanding. We assure them that they can always find new causes to pursue, post-restructuring, like working with others to ensure that the newly devolved governance structures work efficiently across the federation to deliver better outcomes for all our people,” he said.

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