School Resumption: Schools in Ilorin adhere to Covid-19 protocol, sent home students without face mask

Several schools in Ilorin adhered to the state government order on Covid-19 by sending home students who were not wearing face masks.

At the Ilorin Grammar School, students who didn’t wear face mask were turned back at the gate of the school. Soap and water were placed at the entrance for students to wash their hands.

The Principal of the school, Alhaji Toyin Abubakar said that the face mask supplied to the school by the government had been distributed to the students before the schools were closed in December.

He said, “We are sending back the students who are not with face mask back to their homes. The Ministry of Education and Human Capital Development has given us face masks which we have distributed to the students but some of them didn’t come with it. Even the government has asked us to come and collect another round of face mask today and we will also distribute them to our students.

Students turn out at Baboko Community Secondary School, Ilorin, on the first day of resumption was very low.

The few that resumed were seen cleaning the school premises and arranging some classes.

The Principal of the Senior section of the school, Mr Kadiri Mustapha said that some of the unused classes were being arranged for the students so that they would Observe the social distance protocol.

At Queen Elizabeth School, Ilorin, a girls boarding school, students were just resuming and they were coming in trickles.

The Principal of the school, Mrs Rachael Awolola said that some of the students arrived at the school on Sunday while others were just coming in.

She said that the students were with their face masks distributed to them by the school management.

“We are very lucky here because we don’t have many students, so we don’t have overcrowded classes. We have a maximum of 30 students per class”, she said.

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