“The Minimum Wage Is A Law The State Government Will Obey” – Kwara State Government

The Government of Kwara State, in a Press Release made available to the public on Wednesday, October 7, has stated that staff audit and verification of workers will not be the prerequisite for paying the minimum wage that the process is mainly geared towards repositioning the public service in the state.  

The release, which was made public through the Hon. Commissioner for Communications, Harriet Afolabi-Oshatimehin,  explains the reason behind delayed execution of the new minimum wage, that “The challenge however, has been how the Local governments can afford it. At the moment, all the local governments combined earn an average of N2.6bn monthly, including the 10percent of their share of the IGR. Remarkably, the monthly wage bill of these local governments stand at about N2.5bn. These expenses, it must be stated are based on the extant N18,000 minimum wage.”

The release further explained that execution of the new minimum wage will be preceded by an increase in the wage bill to about N3bn which the local  government, at the moment, cannot  cater for. 

It further states that “To be sure, negotiations for the minimum wage continue on Thursday. The minimum wage is a law the state government will obey. The government is committed to paying the minimum wage but it is pleading with the labour to accept a more reasonable scale which takes the total wage bill to less than N3bn. We call for reasonable and practical steps to avoid a situation which will lead to the local government borrowing to pay salaries as was the case before the administration.”

The implementation of N30,000 new minimum wage was approved by the Federal Government to take effect from April 18 2019.

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