Viral Video: Idera Community rejects African Tiger as Onidera, says Oba Ladi Buremo lied in Video

Sequel to a viral video that had pervaded the social media space about the Idera community and the claimant who is occupying the stool of the Onidera of Idera, the leadership of the community including the oldest man in Idera, Pa Olayode, have all come out to debunk the claims of Oladipo Buremo, otherwise known as Ladi, African Tiger. The Elders of the community stated that, not only is Ladi Buremo erroneously holding on to the stool, he is not a native of Idera but Oke-Ode in Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State.

In a document sighted by Harmony Times and which was signed by eleven elders of the community, the genealogy of Oladipo Buremo was detailed and the history surrounding the creation of Idera community was touched on.

“The people of Idera, Oke-Oyan, is part of the larger Ile-Ire Community in Ifelodun Local Government of Kwara State. We originally settled at OKE-OYAN, which was our ancestral home before we moved from our hilly country home to our present location at Idera on March 22, 1948.”

“Our community has both Christians and Moslems with other religious groups that made up our entire people. When we moved to Idera, it was mostly the Christian group and a few of our Moslem brothers that came to Idera while the other Moslem group went to Ago-Olomo, on the other side of Oke-Oyan hill.”

“The Christian community at Idera is part of the Sudan Interior Mission, (SIM), now known as the Evangelical Church Winning All, (ECWA). Our first Church Pastor from the time we were at Oke-Oyan was one Pastor Abraham Buremo Keye, and appointed and paid by the central ECWA. He followed the Christians, still as the appointed employee Pastor of the ECWA Church from Oke-Oyan to Idera in 1948.
It is important to note that Christianity came to our ancestral home, Oke-Oyan in 1920 through one Miss J. Nether Cott and Rev. Guy Playfair, two of the SIM Missionaries in our area and accompanied by Rev. Jamu Clyde Adeniyi and Pastor Abraham Buremo Keye.”

“As history would have it, the grandfather of Abraham Buremo migrated from Oun, near Okoloke and not far from Egbe in the present Kogi State, to Oro- Ago. It was at Oro Ago that the grandfather of Pastor Abraham Buremo got married and had Pastor Abraham Buremo as one of his sons, then Mama Jesse Adeyemi, and another son called Lawani.
Abraham Buremo married one Betsey Ibijoke, and had as one of his children, Robert Babalola Buremo, (popularly known as Mr. R.B. Buremo) and who was born in 1915. Mr. Abraham Buremo who was converted to the Christian faith was trained at Agunjin by the SIM Missionaries along with 9 other converts to be Catechists for the established local Churches. He was posted to Oke-Oyan to pastor the new Church there.”

At Oke-Oyan, and before the Church structure was fully established, Pastor Buremo stayed with a local man, Abudu Ekun Afariogun at his house in Okese compound. Mr. Afariogun asked Pastor Abraham Buremo to please train one of his own sons to be a pastor like him. Contrary to what some people conceived and then believed; Mr. Afariogun and Pastor Buremo were not blood relatives. It was a case of a landlord and a tenant, and it stayed that way until the Church buildings were completed.”

“Mr. Robert Babalola Buremo also became a Christian under the SIM and was trained as a Bricklayer. He married one Lydia Folake at Oke- Oyan. They were blessed with their own children of which Oladipo, (popularly called, Ladi), was not one of them.
The way Ladi Buremo is known to the people of Idera can be explained that Mr. R.B. Buremo was not the paternal father of Ladi, but the grandfather. Ladi was the son of Ayo, the daughter of Mr. R.B. Buremo, and he was born to her in the latter part of the 1950’s. His paternal father was one Mr. Jacob Akanbi Buremo from Oke-Odde, who was at that time living with Mr. & Mrs. R.B. Buremo, and later as their driver. With all the information available to us, Ladi is not a native of Idera, and not an Ile-Ire descendant.”

The elders went further by narrating the intrigues that led to his assumption as Onidera of Idera against the reality and the norms of the community. They noted that Ladi Buremo was foisted on the community by one Mr. Adeyemi, who was a former Chairman in Ifelodun Local Government Area. They further noted the unconstitutionality of his stay on the stool as the Local Government is not vested with such powers by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“Ladi came back from the United States only to find that there a tussle in the town of Idera as to who would be the next Oba after the demise of the late Oba. Ladi consulted with his mother’s family knowing fully that the Buremos were not qualified to fill the vacant stool. He was well aware of his own birth background, and because his grandfather from his mother’s side was found not to be eligible, but yet they wanted one with the relation of the Buremo dynasty to occupy the elevated stool, and knowing they had been in town for long: he, Ladi was put up as their family candidate.”

“Idera, as a Yoruba town with the same tradition as all other Yoruba towns in Nigeria, has a traditional process of selecting who would fill a vacant stool through the selected Kingmakers. This is a well-organized process just as in other towns and as practiced in Ile-Ire district of Kwara State. All contestants must be a true native of Idera, and must meet the rotational standard of the Kingmakers. There has been no Oba in Oke-Oyan history and now at Idera who had not gone through this process. Ladi’s case has now come to break the rules and regulation. Idera people knew that neither Ladi nor any member of Buremo family is qualified to contest the Obaship of Idera town.”

“From all the available information that we have, Ladi is a bonafide native born of Oke-Odde town and as such a citizen of Oke-Odde, on his father’s side, and from Oun in Kogi State from his mother’s side. Ladi had taken the advantage of being a classmate of one Mr. Adeyemi, the then Chairman of our Ifelodun Local Government and a close relative of his, to have him appoint Ladi in his position as LGA Chairman. There is nothing in the Federal Constitution, or the Military Decree or the State Edicts that gave such power to any Local Government Chairman in Nigeria.”

“The people of the town must first air their own selected candidate for approval. We at Idera do not recognize Ladi as a citizen of our town and not an Ile-Ire citizen either; hence he cannot be the Oba of Idera, a Yoruba town in Ile-Ire District of Kwara State.”

The Community leaders subsequently denounced Ladi’s claims in the viral video that his father built the first road, school, Post Office and Hospital in the community.

“The first road to Idera was constructed by the Idera Community. It was Idera – Abayan road. (Abayan is in Agunjin District). This road was NOT built by Ladi’s father, or anyone else father. How can Ladi’s father, a non-indigene build a road for a community? Ladi himself was not even born when the community built the road.”

“The school at Idera was established by the SIM/ECWA Church, first at Oke-Oyan in 1944, and moved to Idera in 1948. It was and still is a Church built and sponsored school….Idera Community Secondary School was built in 1980 with the efforts of the Community in finances and labor. Some of these financiers are still alive today, as living witnesses; there was no Ladi around and neither has anyone received help from his father.”

“The first SIM Dispensary was built by the Idera Community through the efforts of Rev. Samuel Olaosebikan, who after interacting with Dr. Campion, the Chief Medical Director of the SIM Hospital, Egbe, who arranged the plan and on which the Community built the dispensary; it was later upgraded to ECWA Dispensary/Hospital.”

“The first and the only Post Office came to Idera through Mr. Joel Awoyomi who applied to the then Post Master General, Mr. Adenuga for a Post Office for Idera and it was granted. The Post Office was built by the Community and NOT by Ladi’s father or relative. The first Postal Agent in 1964 was the late Mr. Joseph Edungbola.”

They further made clarifications on claims of his personal intervention in terms of Electricity and Borehole water supply in the community.

“The Transformer to Idera and to other Ile-Ire districts were supplied by Engr. David Oyeyele, the former General Manager of NEPA. It was during the time when Arc. Abogurin was the Chairman of the Ifelodun Local Government. NO transformer has ever been supplied by Ladi Buremo to Idera. The one unit of Transformer allocated to Idera town by the NEPA GM is the one we still have till today. It is with this Transformer that Idera Town and the other Ile-Ire
town, also supplied with their own units, that the community was connected to the National grid by NEPA through Engr. Oyeyele. This had been done before Ladi found his way to Idera to live; he grew up at Igbaja and not at Idera.”

“Before the advent of Boreholes in Idera town, we had enjoyed pipe borne water supply when we were connected with Owode-Offaro Dam. This water system ceased to function, and we reverted to drawing water from hand dug well in the centre of town and water from Imun River. “

“Boreholes were supplied to Idera as follows:

A. In the Secondary School: it was supplied by the State Ministry of Education.

B. Primary School: Motorised borehole was supplied through late James Adeniyi.

C. Ago Agunloye: Motorised borehole supplied by the Niger River Basin at the request of Mr. James Awoniyi, Mrs.Nike Balogun & Elder Joel Awoyomi.

D. Central Market Place: Borehole at the request of Councellor Reuben Ajiboye.
E. Ile-Onire Compond: the borehole is through Mr. Salman Ibitoye. The water is supplied pipes laid by the sons and dughters of the compound.
F. Ile-Olla Compound: The borehole was built through a Naval Officer, Mr. Biodun Arowosaye.
G. Akadri Family House: The borehole was personally built for the family.

H. Dispensary: the borehole was built by Ifelodun LGA.

Conclusively, the elders of the community noted that the other claims surrounding the fact that he shares food for the community is false as there was never a time he ventured into that and that the only time food were shared to all members of the community was through the State Government during the scourge of the Covid-19 pandemic. They further stated that his claim of bringing a garri factory to the community is also false, as “the Gari Processing Industry he revered, to was brought to Idera by one Mr. Jide Ibitoye, the Chief Accountant of ARMTI and NOT by Ladi.”

The elders concluded that, they hold no animosity against African Tiger and that he can live with them as long as he wishes but NOT as the head of the Idera/Oke-Oyan Community as they have NOT and will NOT accept the private arrangement between himself and the former Ifelodun LGA Chairman to deprive us of our rightful choice a leader of our people. “We have NOT given our consent, and will NEVER give such consent to private agreement between two friends which has denied us our right of choice of our own and respectable Oba.” the document stated.

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