We have purchased Nomination Forms for Wards Congress – APC Faction quips, Fingers Buni

The faction of the ruling All Progressives Congress Loyal to Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s Information and Culture Minister has expressed their readiness to organize the ward Congresses across all the Wards in the state come July 31, 2021 having successfully secured Nomination Forms from the Congress Committee.

This much was made known in a press conference by the State Legal Adviser of the party, Barr. Oladimeji Mustapha at the Faction’s party Secretariat along GRA Reservoir Road and duly monitored by Harmony Times.

The Legal Adviser noted, “In spite of the unnecessary contours and roadblock mounted by some adversaries of this party, the truth has vindicated the just, that our flight of progress has continued to fly in higher altitudes. We have proved to the reactionary group that we are made of stiffer stuff and that the moving train is unstoppable.”

“I am delighted to inform you that we have secured nomination forms for all prospective contestants into positions at the Wards and Local Governments in compliance with the set guidelines for the exercise.”

Barr. Oladimeji Mustapha stated further that the party had informed the Independent National Electoral Commission and other agencies as required by the law guiding electoral matters in the country.

“Furthermore, we have notified the relevant agencies as required by the Electoral Act, 2006 (As Amended).In a nutshell, the ship is smooth sailing towards a safe harbor on this very crucial and important obligation to our Party.”

“In this connection, it is pertinent to dilate briefly on the antics by  some retrogressive elements who have swung their theatrics from absurd buffoonery to high tragedy by deceptively congregating in the corridors of illegality over the chairmanship position of our party in this state.”

He further accused the National leadership of the Party of complicity as regards the crisis rocking the party in the state.

“It is difficult to absolve the current National leadership of our party of complicity in the crisis rocking APC in Kwara State today. They have tried all the tricks in the book to pervert the cause of justice on issues, but our God is a God of justice.”

When questioned on how the forms and other documents were procured, he noted that payment was made as required by the committee with the forms delivered to the state Chapter.

 “We paid the prescribed fee through the bank, the congress committee then sent the forms to us after confirmation of payment.”

“So we’re very much ready for the congresses, our supporters across the 16 local government are eagerly awaiting the commencement of the congresses from the ward level.” he concluded.

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