“We received cash gift from Governor Abdulrazaq”, AA Elders Forum recants

A political pressure group within the ruling All Progressives Congress, AA Elders Forum, has replied an exclusive report by an online media platform (Not Harmony Times) that the forum felt insulted by the ridiculous cash gift from the Kwara State Governor. Hence, rejecting the sum of 1.5Million Naira from the Kwara State Governor allegedly sent through an aide.

The Forum in a press statement by the Secretary, Abdulmumin Katibi which was obtained by Harmony Times referred to the report as untrue borne out of hate, malice and mischief.

“As a group of elders, stakeholders and statemen, rather than join issues with anyone or group who for whatever reason of hate, malice or mischief against our State concocted the untrue, we prefer to rather set the records straight.”

The forum claimed that they possess the same ideals with the Governor of the State, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq and that was why they are committed to his Government.

“It is our persuasion and satisfaction with H.E Abdulrahman commitments to same ideals that have made us to be and remain his allies and partners. Therefore,the issue of material gains or self interest pursuits never arises.”

The Forum further made clarifications that the Forum like other groups in the state received cash gifts from the Kwara State Governor with respect to the Ramadan fasting and that it was well acknowledged.

“On the said Ramadan package, we are worried that some elements can take their hates and discontent all in the name of politics and power struggle to this extent of creating deliberate confusion even in this holy Month when all regular human beings seek the face, forgiveness and blessing of our Creator. As for us, the public should be aware that, like many others groups within and outside the State, the Governor and leader of our Party generously reached out to us and same was thankfully received, acknowledged with prayers and even Christians among us were carried along because we as elders, they have Muslim followers to cater for”

The forum further alluded to having internal wranglings among the caucuses loyal to the Governor as it relates with the House of Assembly as reported by the Online Media Platform.

“While we understand that there are some Political issues needing URGENT attention and quick fixing, our attitude and approach as equal partners and stakeholders in Kwara project has been to interface and offer our modest but honest, constructive and sincere opinions to the Governor.”

Conclusively, they also confirmed media insinuations that the Kwara Governor was making last minute effort to mend fence with the faction of the APC loyal to Lai Mohammed, the Honorable Minister for Information and Culture.

“We recognise and appreciate the much His Excellency is doing recently to finally reconcile all aggrieved interests and bring everyone back to track.”

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