YPP condemns use of thugs by APC during stakeholders’ meeting in Ilorin

The Young Progressives Party in Kwara State has condemned the increasing political violence between the two factions of the All Progressives Congress, APC in the State.

In a statement released to the media by the State Publicity Secretary of the Party AbdulRazaq Sulaiman Oyan, the Party said the violence between the two factions of the APC at the Banquet Hall, in Ilorin, on Wednesday, which has also escalated to some communities Kwara State is unfortunate for democracy and a setback to Kwara political development in general.

“It is shameful, a disgrace and monumental embarrassment to the good people of Kwara who had expected so much decorum from a party which prides itself as a progressive”

Mr. Oyan insist that the people of Kwara have been enjoying relative peaceful in the political atmosphere over the years, saying the recent happenings in the APC further show that the party lacks decorum, direction, decency and can not give the people of Kwara the much anticipated development and democratic integrity.

He said: “The recent happenings in APC is a pointer that an indecent and confused party like APC that fails to manage their intra-party crisis, can not produce tangible dividends of democracy for the good people of Kwara.”

He stated that the governor is hiding under his deceptive look and myopic attitude to re-introduce political thuggery and violence in Kwara State thereby destabilizing the harmony in Kwara and destroying the State properties, the same assets he has been unable to maintain or improve upon.

He, therefore, advised that the APC should not use their internal crisis to set Kwara youths against themselves and aggravate the already tensed security environment in the state and the nation in general.

He also advised the entire youth of Kwara State to stand up now and demand for sustainable employment and empowerment they deserves from the Government and not to allow themselves to be used to killed and destroy.

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